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New (and free) Webinar: Team Leading in WP

March 2, 2011


With the powerful people-scheduling and team management tools built in to WorshipPlanning.com, it’s no wonder many ministries outside of the Worship Team want to use WP.  Plus, there are lots fo benefits for your volunteers to be on a single, centralized system where they can view serving details, access team info, and select their serving availability/preferences.

So, we are starting a new webinar called Team Leading.  It is about 30 minutes, and we cover the following:

  • Setting up and managing your team
  • Scheduling your team members to serve
  • Seeing how team members access the site

To see a schedule of this webinar, visit http://worshipplanning.com/webinars.  To register you must have a valid account in WorshipPlanning.com.  If you can’t attend the webinar, you can watch a recording of it on our new Support Center. To access the video, you must be logged in to the Support Center (use your WP login info).

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