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Seamless SongSelect Integration with WorshipPlanning.com

Song Select Integration

It’s a fact: one of the biggest hurdles with using an online planning service like WorshipPlanning.com is building your library of songs. Churches often call us asking if we can provide them song details and lyrics so they don’t have to spend hours keying in that information. The fact is we cannot legally supply churches with copyright protected information like song lyrics, however, we have partnered with a service that can: SongSelect™ by CCLI.

Chances are you already use CCLI, and may have a SongSelect account (http://aboutsongselect.ccli.com/). If you do, you will LOVE how we have integrated SongSelect functionality right into your WorshipPlanning.com account. Once you authorize SongSelect in WorshipPlanning.com finding songs and adding them to your songs library is a snap (and so is adding lyrics, song details and chord sheets). You can even search and add SongSelect songs on-the-fly as you build your worship flow.

We’ve created this brief video to show you how this new feature works. Take a look, and feel free to post any comments or questions you may have. We expect this feature to be available to everyone November 28.

SongSelect Integration Overview Video

  1. November 22, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Thank you! I think this will be a powerful addition to WP. The busyness of a week of planning and rehearsals is often slowed by the tedious tasks of searching for the correct version of a song or hymn and inputting the new songs and details, which take precious time from worship preparation and relationships.

    I look forward to implementing this new tool and the increased time and productivity I can invest in my ministry, volunteers and worship planning.

    Thank you.

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